Mental Capacity

When making your Will and / or your Powers of Attorney (LPA) you need to have “Mental Capacity”. That’s great but what is it and what do YOU need to know. Simply it is being able to make decisions for yourself. To have capacity a person must be able to: understand the information that is [...]

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What does an Executor do ?

The executor of the Will is the person who has to sort your estate out when you've died. Sounds quite straightforward until you realise some of the things that they have to do. In no particular order: finding all the financial documentation belonging to the person who die sending a copy of the death certificate to the [...]

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Who Will Care After I’m Gone? recently published a disturbing article about the worries and concerns of Carers. It focussed on the very real issues of what happens to their cared for persons after they have gone. Some even suggesting that they secretly hoped that their cared for person died before they did. Although much of the article is outside of [...]

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DIY Wills

I thought I’d give you a few facts and figures about Wills especially DIY Wills. Let me say from the beginning that if a DIY Will is written correctly with all the issues considered and covered then it will much cheaper than getting a Will done professionally. However, how many people actually do know enough [...]

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Ilott v Mitson – Will this affect future claims?

This week, I have reproduced an article written by the Society of Will Writers.  It explains in detail what happened and the likely consequences of disinheriting your child / children. The case of Ilott v Mitson is one which, by now, you will be most familiar with. The recent Court of Appeal ruling received huge [...]

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Disabled Discretionary Trusts

This is a relatively new trust which was created under the Finance Act 2013. It is aimed at protecting individuals classed as having a severe disability from directly receiving an inheritance and the subsequent negative impact on their benefits. It is a discretionary trust so there must be two or more beneficiaries as a starter. [...]

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Got a holiday home in Europe?

If you have property outside of the EU then this is interesting but pretty much irrelevant … sorry. If you have a holiday or other assets within the EU then currently you have to have a Will in that Country. You also have to consider that other countries have rules which mean that you MUST give [...]

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When should you review your Will?

Wills are things that people take ages getting around to doing so why bother reviewing it? When Wills are written, a good Will Writer will do their best to future proof it. They do this for example by including any wedding plans or children even if they've not arrived yet. However, they’re not fortune tellers [...]

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Tweaking the Intestacy Laws

When a person dies without making a Will there is a legal “formula” which decides who gets what. Although I wasn't around at the time my understanding is that a number of Wills were collected and analysed to show what the “average” Will looked like. The 1925 Act was then written to reflect this “average” Will. That [...]

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