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We understand carers AND the laws of testacy


Phil, our founder has a sister who is both learning and physically disabled.  Like all carers, his parents wanted to make sure that she was properly provided for when they were no longer around or able to make the necessary decisions about her care.

A former commended police officer with 25yrs service, Phil trained as a will writer after seeing how difficult it was for them to find someone who truly understood their situation, their concerns and the challenges they faced.  They needed someone who had a solid understanding of carers rights as well as the cared for person and not just testacy law.

The Society of Will Writers


Your documents will be drafted by a member of the Society of Will Writers, and carry six million pounds of insurance.



Phil Milton Wills & power of attorney for carers

What would happen to your cared for person if you, the carer had an accident at work, lost mental capacity, became seriously ill or died…and you didn’t have a will, lasting power of attorney or a deputyship in place?


The Difference a Will makes













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