Who Will Care After I’m Gone?

Fitzroy.org recently published a disturbing article about the worries and concerns of Carers. It focussed on the very real issues of what happens to their cared for persons after they have gone. Some even suggesting that they secretly hoped that their cared for person died before they did. Although much of the article is outside of [...]

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Disabled Discretionary Trusts

This is a relatively new trust which was created under the Finance Act 2013. It is aimed at protecting individuals classed as having a severe disability from directly receiving an inheritance and the subsequent negative impact on their benefits. It is a discretionary trust so there must be two or more beneficiaries as a starter. [...]

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Inheritance Tax and the Budget

Well George did as was widely expected, increased Inheritance Tax (IHT) to £1 million threshold for married couples and civil partners. Let’s see what I got right and how it affects you. Firstly, none of this kicks in until April 2017. Got that date right! However, we don’t get the full £500,000 allowance until 2020 [...]

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