Trust us – you really don’t want to die intestate if you want to protect the people you love.

Read why below.





A surprising amount of people have a misunderstanding of the law surrounding inheritance 

Many assume that the immediate family will get everything – this is not always the case. Sadly, the law doesn’t work in the way that most of us think it does.  This can lead to immense heartbreak for those left behind who only learn this when their homes and standards of living are lost.

This is what happens if you die


Who sorts your estate out?


The Courts decide.

This can take months to years.

Whoever is “lucky” enough to get the job will have to distribute it according to strict rules.

This usually involves expensive professionals and takes money away from the people who probably need it.

Does your family really need all this additional hardship and distress when they are grieving for you?


Who gets what?

This is dictated by a piece of law from 1925 (so it doesn’t reflect modern families).

The unmarried (or no civil partnership) partner gets NOTHING.

Some will go to your spouse or civil partner and some to the kids (though possibly not those of a previous marriage).

Then other relatives such as parents and siblings.

Click here for a really useful guide.

What about your cared for person?


IF they are one of the lucky ones who do get left some money then it might not be enough to make sure they are taken care of.

Even the smallest amount, if not passed on “to beat the system” can affect their means tested benefits, reducing their income.

Without proper financial arrangements in place managed by trusted people, you may make them a target for unscrupulous “friends”.


Specific gifts


Will the people or charities you wanted to leave specific gifts to still receive them?

Nope, this is all dictated by the 1925 Act




The courts will decide who takes care of your young children.  That could be someone with morals and values you really don’t admire, trust or respect.



Inheritance tax


A chunk of your estate may have to be paid to HMRC, meaning less for loved ones.


If people depend on you, THEY can’t afford for you to not have a Will.

Look after them.


Sort your will out today

This is what happens if you die

WITH a Will


Who sorts your estate out?


Whoever you named in your Will.

YOU chose the Executors you wanted to administer the estate and the Trustees to look after any Trusts that are created.

People you respected, admired and trusted.


Who gets what?


Everyone gets whatever you chose to leave them.

This includes unmarried partners and charities.

You can look after anyone financially dependent on you in a Will.

What about your cared for person?

You can make sure that they receive the money that they need without it affecting their benefits.

You can provide added security by making sure they get to stay in the family home.


Specific gifts


These will be distributed as YOU wanted.

You can leave Grandads war medals to your daughter and support your favourite charity.

No one loses with a will.



YOU can name someone (within reason) as their legal guardian.

This would be someone YOU trust to look after your precious child, who will raise them the way that you would have raised them.


Inheritance tax


No one can promise you won’t pay tax but what you can do is arrange your assets in such a way as to minimise your liabilities and maximise what you leave your loved ones. All legal.



Sort your will out today